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framed prints

Albums aren't your thing and you would prefer to be a bit more simplistic and have a print framed or a collection of frames done?  This page will go over everything you need to know!

Framing Collections

Why wouldn't I just do my own?

This is yet another one of those things you can do on your own and likely for cheaper...  There are TONS of sites you can use but none will take the headache away of figuring out cool wall collections, have someone that help you choose a series of photos that go together nicely, send you mocks of your selections on a wall or give you the super awesome experience it is to work with me ;)

How is my money spent?

These frames are not cheap, neither are the collections.  The pricing ranges pretty significantly as well based upon whether you choose to order one frame or 9 framed images.  I do have discounts available for purchases of more than one framed image.

Also, these frames are 100% hand made in Portland, Oregon using sustainable products.  All images are printed on Premium Archival Matte - Bright White paper.

What are my options?

I have 9 different frame designs you can choose from, quite the selection of frame sizes as well as the option to have a matte or not.  Below you will see all of the frame options.


What's the process?

Request an album!

You thought about it and you decided that you really want to have an awesome album to remember your day!

You can either add it on to your wedding package or reach out to me after any session to set this up.

Albums are only purchased via a separate invoice after the photos have been delivered.

Select Your Photos

The standard album comes with 20 pages or 10 spreads.  This ends up being around 40 photos that you can select for the album.  

I know it seems like not very many photos in the grand scheme of things but it allows me to have room to have full page images or full page spreads which are really cool in a final album.

The Design

Once you have made all your photo selections I start the design of your final album.  Within roughly 4 weeks I will have a mock for you to review and approve of.

If you want to move a few photos around or change some images out you have up to 3 revisions you can make.

Once I get the final approval from you we move on to ordering.

Ordering & Delivery

You approved the design of your album and now I will put the order in!  It takes up to 6 weeks to get your final product.

If you are considering this as a Christmas gift, please order in October to make sure I have plenty of time to finish up.

Finally... ENJOY your new album!  


Your options:

you know you want one ;)

So... This is it... you have all of the information you could need and since you have really made it this far, you know you want one of these so just add this bad boy to the cart, make your selections and lets get this ball rolling!

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