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the family photo experience

With my family sessions I very much like to capture your family as it is.  I will pose you but I will also let your children be who they are.  If they are happy running around like a complete spaz, we will get photos of that.  If they want to play model for the camera, we will 100% take advantage of that as well!  I want families to be laughing and having fun so the experience is not stressful.  I want you to let loose a little bit and just enjoy whatever the session ends up being.  

My sessions are pretty simple.  They start at $99 and vary based on location and session type from there.  You will find all of this information below :)

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how to book with me?

Let's get something on the calendar!

I try to keep my sessions very simple.  The link below will take you to my booking page.  You will see a few session locations and the price will vary based on that.  If you want something more custom, please go to my contact page and you can reach out to create a custom family session.


expert level tip...

This session starts with you!

Let’s be honest. You’re the one reading this site, looking for a family photographer. So now I want to give you permission to take care of you first. What do YOU need to do to feel good for this session? What outfit makes you feel the most beautiful? Start there. Pick your look first, then move on to the rest of the family.  You deserve these moments with your kiddos and I want to be the one to give it to you!

Some of my favorites...

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