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Beach Location Options

If you are considering doing one of my mini sessions at Beverly Triton Beach Park we have a few options for locations on this beach to shoot.

1. The Beach Entrance

This spot is probably the best choice for families with grandparents who might be included, people who don't get around very well or small children who might not want to deal with a bit of a hike in the woods. For this spot, you will park at the park entrance (I will provide you an address) and you will walk down a flat gravel road to the beach (roughly 5 minutes). You can also drive your car down the road to drop people off on the beach but you cannot leave your car at the beach, you will have to drive it back to the parking lot and walk back down.

With this spot we can have a few background options, the beach obviously and there is a big grassy area with trees behind it that we can use for a few shots.

The one downside I have found is that if you are choosing to do this session during the summer months we will have to work around other people just relaxing for the day on the beach. Typically the evening hours aren't nearly as packed but there is a chance the park will be closed for capacity reasons. During the fall/spring months we don't run into this issue nearly as much but you will still have to consider other people being there fishing or just hanging out.

2. Shesley Rd. Entrance

This is my favorite spot, not only because its off of the street I live on, but because it offers the most variety for backgrounds. We will walk down a trail in the woods for roughly 15 minutes and end on the beach. If you have small children that you don't want to carry, I would suggest bringing a stroller (jogging/trail strollers work best) or a wagon for the kid(s) to be in.

This spot allows us more privacy as most people don't want to walk down the beach that far to hang out and we get different background options such as the woods, a large pond with sea-grass around it, sometimes a really cool driftwood tee-pee and the beach!

Keep in mind, this is a trail in the woods. If it has been rainy there will be mud on the trail (if it has been an intense storm there will be standing water) so think about the shoes you choose to wear. I always suggest that you wear shoes you don't really care about for the walk (rain boots if it has rained) and then either go barefoot or change your shoes once we get to the beach. Even consider, if it has rained, putting your kid in cruddy clothes for the walk and changing them quickly on the beach if they are going to be walking on their own. I can definitely fix things in photoshop but I can only do so much ;)

3. Private Beach

This spot is really cool. I would have you meet me at the Shesley Rd entrance and then we would walk down the trail to the beach like above but we would continue down the beach (roughly 5-10 minutes), through another patch of woods and then to a pretty secluded spot of beach. I have never been to this spot when anyone else is. It is a small area so I always get some shots starting at the Shesley Rd section of beach and kinda ending at this spot.

This section of beach is pretty because it has more rocks and is kinda fun for a more "intimate" type of session if that is what you are looking for.

Rainy Sessions

Beverly Triton Beach Park at the Shesley Rd entrance is the ONLY location I am open to doing a rainy session. You should wear rain boots as the trail gets bad if it's really raining, bring umbrellas for the walk back and a change of clothes/towels. You are more than welcome to change clothes in my home when we get back. These sessions are fun, just come prepared. Also, keep in mind, its best if we shoot to do this if its going to be a lighter rain and in the warmer months, a total down pour in the cold isn't that cute haha...

Anyway! I hope this makes your decision on location and what you would like to do easier!

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