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Dave & Jen | Annapolis Waterfront Hotel

Dave and Jen are some of my favorite people. Dave was actually my realtor - he's awesome if anyone is interested - and he had been friends with my boyfriend for a few years so it was kinda fun to be a part of their wedding day.

I met them at the hotel where they did a first look by Pusser's Caribbean Grill (where they had their first date and some awesome bar pics) and then we wandered around downtown for some couple photographs. After the ceremony we went by the docks by the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel and some super nice people let us get on their boat for some great portraits!

I absolutely adore their photos so I hope you guys do as well!

Florist: Kate Denman (FloretandVine)

DJ: Dave's phone ;)

Venue: Annapolis Waterfront hotel

Cake: Cakes & Confections

Ceremony Musician: Jeanette Donald

Hair: Kristin Lasher (A Style Above hair salon)

Make up: Kaytee Spanoghe

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