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Haley & Tommy - Beverly Triton Beach Park

This session is an old one but I LOVED the photos so much that I knew it had to be on the blog! Leading up to our session it was calling for rain and I had asked them if they were cool with shooting in the rain and just rolling with it or if they wanted to reschedule and they were game for rain! We had an AMAZING sky leading up to the complete down pour at the very end of our session. We were all soaked but it was so worth it for these incredible photos of an awesome couple!

If you would like a last minute stormy session I am 100% game to doing it but I ONLY do these at Beverly Triton Beach Park. I will not travel for a potential rain out session as there comes a point where its just not cute anymore. We got very lucky with the session above so if you want to wing it some day, let me know!

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