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Laura & Jim // Bluestone Vineyard

Laura and Jim got married on October 22, 2017 at Bluestone Vineyard in Bridgewater, MD. It is a bit of a hike for me (around 3 hours drive time) but I was so excited to travel to photograph their wedding for a change of scenery!

If you guys reading this are looking to get married at a venue that is not close to Annapolis, MD and you like my photos, don't hesitate to ask! I LOVE to travel and will gladly do so for your big day!

Anyways! We had a great day! The weather was absolutely beautiful, venue was gorgeous and the couple was just great to hang out with all day - so down to earth and sweet! For the couple photographs, after the ceremony, we drove down the road a little ways to an open field where we did the majority of our shots. The views were just stunning as you will see below.

I would love to come back here one day to shoot another wedding!

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