Location Ideas

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Figuring out a location for your engagement session is one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make! Do you want beachy cute couple shots? Shots inside of your favorite coffee shop? Shots inside your own home while you are baking, playing video games or just hanging out? The options truly are endless!

This post is meant for you to see a few of my favorite spots, why I like them and a few of my favorite shots in those spots so you can get a good idea of what it looks like.

1. Beverly Triton Beach Park - Mayo, MD

This is my favorite spot out of any other you will see on this page! Depending on how the weather has been we will either meet at the main park entrance or one closer to my home so we can walk the trail through the woods and end on the beach (If it has rained a lot the trail is a mud pit so we will just meet at the park entrance). This spot requires walking in the sand or potentially some muddy spots on a trail. I would highly suggest that you do not wear fancy/expensive shoes that can get destroyed. Its a beach - shoes aren't necessary anyway ;)

Also, if you are brave enough - we can get into the water for some more romantic shots for a session thats a bit different from everyone else's.

Keep in mind - with this location the sun rises over the water and sets kinda behind the trees. Sunsets are still VERY pretty here (the majority of the shots below are from the sunset timeframe below - FYI - no altered sun flares are added to the photos - all natural sun light) but if you want the sun peaking over the water, you will need to be an early riser that day ;)

2. Historic London Town & Gardens

This venue is beautiful. There are gardens, flowers, a beautiful trail, historic buildings, a pier and water views. It's got to be my 2nd favorite spot to do engagements and probably my most favorite venue for weddings! With this venue you have to schedule with the venue to shoot there at least 2 weeks prior - no last minute bookings. This venue also requires a $75 booking fee that you would be responsible to cover for sessions after their normal hours (typically anything after 4pm). When scheduling for this session please do not use my scheduling calendar and contact me directly as we have to contact them to see what times they have available.

3. Downtown Annapolis

If you love Annapolis, the buildings, color and water, this is a perfect spot for you. There are so many different backdrops that you can choose from here. We will meet by the Iron Rooster downtown and then wander around for your hour of time.