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Session Location Ideas

Updated: Mar 13

Figuring out a location for your engagement or family session is one of the most difficult decisions you will have to make! Do you want beach photos, downtown photos, indoor photos? There are so many options!

This post is meant for you to see a few of my favorite spots, why I like them and a few of my favorite shots in those spots so you can get a good idea of what it looks like to hopefully help make your decision easier for you and your partner or family!

The Beach • Edgewater, MD

This is my favorite spot out of any other you will see on this page because it has many different backdrops to offer like a pretty wooded trail, seagrasses, a rocky beach, a boardwalk and a down tree in the water.

This location requires a 10-15 minute walk down a wooded trail to the beach. If you are bringing kids, a jogger stroller works best but if it has rained, I would opt out of a stroller as it can kick up some water or mud on to you as you are walking. Please be sure to wear trail appropriate shoes (most flat shoes or chunky heels work perfectly fine - avoid pointy heels). If it has rained, consider wearing shoes that don't matter if they get muddy or wet. Some spots on the trail can be muddy or even have some standing water we can skip around ;)

The best time of day for this location is either before 9am or after 3pm. If you can only do mid day sessions, I can make it work but the sun is very strong here and shade is limited so it is best to do early or later. The sun rises over the water here so sunrise sessions can be a fun thing to do here.

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Annapolis, MD

Annapolis is iconic in many ways. It has beautiful shops, homes and, of course, the waterfront. I have a specific path I like to take but am open to taking pictures in any location that is meaningful to you so just let me know at booking!

I do not do Annapolis sessions on Friday or Saturday's after 3pm in the summer/fall. It is just too busy and there isn't very good parking. If you have chosen a Friday or Saturday evening in the summer or fall I will request that you select a different date.

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Quiet Waters Park • Annapolis, MD

This park is perfect for families or even couples. For my 30 minute sessions you will only have time for one location at this park but if you have an hour session you can choose two different spots. I personally love the Lighthizer Gazebo which is super pretty in the spring with the garden next to it or the South River Overlook (pictured above on the rocks). The sun sets on the water here so we have the opportunity to get some pretty epic sunsets as well!

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Kinder Farm Park • Severna Park

This is a beautiful park that is great during the spr