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Michelle & Tony - Beverly Triton Beach Park

Michelle and Tony are two of my favorite people. Michelle contacted me wanting to try to do as many different things as she could for their session so we started out with a feather pillow fight at my home studio and ended with beach photos all dressed up with a champagne pop at the end.

The pillow fight was awesome! We did it in my home studio which has, unfortunately, since been closed due to a basement flood destroying a good bit of stuff. When the basement flooded there were still feathers on the ground which proved to be a giant issue as they were EVERYWHERE! We only used about 1./3 of a feather pillow and it is a bit insane how many feathers are inside of one pillow. ANYWAY! We got some amazing photos and I am legit thrilled with the final result for their session - so worth it.

After the pillow fight, we cleaned up - picking feathers out of hair, changed clothes and wandered down to the beach. Michelle wore an amazing sequin dress that photographed wonderfully. The sun was perfect, weather was perfect and we got some awesome shots. This gallery is huge so don't stop scrolling until you get to the champagne pop at the end!

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