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Wedding Survival Kit || 30 Essential Items Most Wedding Couples Forget

After roughly 3 years of shooting weddings I have noticed a few things that are typically forgotten on wedding days. Below is my list with a few handy links and a free downloadable document you can print out :)

1. Heel Stoppers - These are a MUST if you have your girls wearing heels in the grass

2. Floss - No one wants stuff in their teeth during photos

3. Toothbrush - You want to have good breath for the ceremony

4. Tide to go stick - Because accidents happen

5. Bug Spray - This is for the waterfront summer weddings... bug bites suck

6. Tums / Zantac - No one wants a messed up stomach on their wedding day

7. Advil / Excedrin - Aches and pains happen

8. Safety Pins - These are weirdly useful for a handful of things

9. Hairspray - Could always use a touch up

10. Tampons - We are all human...

11. Mints / Gum - You definitely want good breath

12. Blotting papers - We all sweat, we all get shiny... these are a lifesaver

13. Clear Umbrella - If rain is in the forecast - these are the best

14. Contact Solution - Just in case

15. Sunscreen - Skin cancer is no joke

16. Lint Roller - perfect for the boys room and dark suits

17. Fashion Tape - Because sometimes a dress just doesn't fit perfectly

18. Clear Nail Polish - Just for touch ups

19. Deodorant - No one wants to stink

20. Tissues - You know you need them...

21. Snacks - Bring your favorite sweet and salty snacks

22. Bobby Pins - You could never have too many of these

23. Scissors - Someone ALWAYS needs them

24. Phone Charger or Mophie - Someone is bound to forget theirs

25. Hair Ties - If your hair is down, by the end of the night you might want these

26. Nude No Show Underwear - Might seem obvious but you don't want to see your bridesmaids thongs in the bridal party photos

27. Mini Sewing Kit - Sometimes things need to be fixed

28. Mini First Aid Kit - It happens...

29. Drinking Straws - A good idea so you don't mess up lipstick on glasses/cups

30. Tweezers - You might find a stray hair that needs to be taken care of


Download the FREE Survival Guide

If you would like to have the FREE Survival Guide to download and check off... here is a link where you can download the file!

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