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hi, i'm heather.

I'm a tattooed, nerdy, Furby (that's right, I said Furby...) collector who would LOVE to photograph your wedding! I became a photographer because I wanted to freeze a moment. I wanted to tell a story. I wanted to make people feel something when they looked at my photos. I capture genuine moments. I will “pose” you for your photos, but I prefer to take pictures of the times when you aren’t paying any attention to me at all, the moments in-between the poses and the moments where you are laughing with your partner or kids about how silly you feel. I let you be yourself and want you to enjoy the session. Lets face it, being photographed is awkward and we need to have fun with it and laugh at ourselves or our kids to make it as enjoyable of a time as possible


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Kelli & Daniel

My number one priority when I began wedding planning was making sure we hired a great photographer. I spent months searching for photographers in our area, and the minute I came across Jackalope Photography's website I knew it was the one!

Heather was absolutely amazing throughout the entire process. My husband and I had never had our photos professionally taken before, and she made us feel so comfortable and natural for our engagement shoot and took away all of our worries for the wedding pictures! She was always quick to respond to any questions we had, and put together a day of timeline for our wedding day!

Heather was so organized day of; She kept us on track with the timeline and re-adjusted when we ran a little late getting ready. She found the perfect spots for pictures, and during the reception she seemed to be everywhere at once, yet never in the way. There were a few times I noticed something happening I wanted a picture of, and when I went to find Heather I realized she was already there!

I'm so excited to see our finished pictures, Heather sent us a few the day after the wedding, which was amazing of her, and they were gorgeous. I'm so beyond happy that I stumbled across her website in those early days of planning, I couldn't have asked for a better photographer!

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