Boudoir Sessions


Why Should I do This?

Sure... I know what you are thinking... "This is totally weird and I'm not sure I want this strange chick to take pictures of me in my underwear."  Well... while it is weird and kinda awkward its a really cool way to give a super personal gift to your loved one for your wedding day, anniversary gift or a sexy valentines day gift.

It's also a really great treat for yourself.  Honestly, when do you get an hour to yourself to get your hair and makeup done and just feel really sexy?  You can take this time for you - get away from the kids, every day life, planning for the wedding and just take some time feeling absolutely beautiful in your own skin.

What to Expect
  • First we’ll touch base and review the plan for the session

  • We’ll get good and acquainted so when the camera comes out, captures don't seem forced or awkward

  • During the session we’ll make sure any adjustments to wardrobe, hair or set are made on the fly so all captures are optimal

  • Capturing portraits lasts between 30-60 minutes depending on the session type you have selected

Pre-Shoot Checklist

Prepare at least 2-3 changes of clothes

Check garments for tears or imperfections and remove tags

Shave/wax intimate areas

Avoid tan lines

Haircut or trim and Color touch-up

Brow Wax & Mani Pedi

Be mindful of what you wear day of to avoid tight bra or clothing lines

* Hair & Makeup done by Dorsey Beauty


Always bring a "safe" outfit to start in and once you get more comfortable we can kick it up a notch and bring out the more scandalous stuff ;)



  • Push-up bras. Snug tank tops and camisoles

  • Bikini or thong underwear. Boy shorts, cheeky panties

  • Anything sheer, flowy, floral, sweet, or romantic

  • Vintage lace. A little lace or silk robe.

  • Negligées, corsets or stockings



  • A button down shirt 

  • Military jacket or hat

  • His/her favorite jersey



  • Your wedding day lingerie

  • Only a veil & undies

  • Your wedding heels

Hair & Makeup

Please note that hair & makeup is NOT included in my boudoir packages unless otherwise noted for a special.

  • Wear your hair down. Silky, cascading hair is seductive, and will allow for a variety of posing options. Bring along clips or accessories if you’d like to put  it up for a few shots, maybe to show off body art or earrings.

  • Try not to wander too far outside your comfort zone. If you love being dressed up in sparkles and heels, then full-on dramatic makeup will look perfect on you. But if you’re more bohemian or sporty, it might not feel natural to go for all-out glam. 

  • A good set of false lashes will make your eyes pop and is always flattering in portraits.

  • Consider having your hair and makeup done professionally. You won’t regret it. 

Below are a few awesome makeup artists you can reach out to :)

* Hair & Makeup done by Dorsey Beauty



studio session 

baltimore, md

1 Hour of Studio Time

Two or Three Outfit Changes

50 Edited Photos in an Online Gallery

5x5 Black Leather Album


hotel in Home or airbnb

anywhere - within reason ;)

1 Hour of Session Time

Two or Three Outfit Changes

50 Edited Photos in an Online Gallery

5x5 Black Leather Album

Rental of space is your responsibility


Add on options

$400 - Additional hour of time

$50 - USB of all edited images from the session

$110 - 11x14 canvas

$160 - 16x20 canvas

$160 - 11x14 framed print (with or without mat)

$200 - 20x30 canvas

$200 - 16x20 framed print (with or without mat)

$225 - 20 page black leather album

$280 - 20x24 framed print (with or without mat)

$300 - 20 page acrylic image cover album

$360 - 30x24 framed print (with or without mat)

Prints can be purchased through your gallery

The fine print

Within 1 to 2 weeks I’ll provide a private online gallery of the your best shots for you to choose that are color corrected, cropped, and prepared for your selection.

After your photos have been delivered I will need you to pick out your favorites for your album.  I will provide you with a number to select based upon your album size.  I will then design an album for you to review and approve of before I submit it to be made.

Your order will be processed and completed within 2 weeks.

I will archive all of your images for one year so reordering is easy if wanted.

I will not post any of your personal photos to my website or social media without your written permission.  These are highly personal photographs and I completely respect that.  Everyone I post on my social media or website has given me permission to share their photos.

For a hotel or airbnb session please keep in mind that "anywhere" needs to be a location within reason of Mayo, MD (21037) unless otherwise discussed.  You are responsible for the rental of this space but I would be happy to assist with looking at cool spots if you need it.

ready for a sexy shoot?