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Jackalope Photo Booths

Luxury photo booths has been one of my most requested features but I wanted to make mine fabulous so I went to work to develop Jackalope Photo Booths. Our photo booths are a perfect addition to any social gathering. They not only preserve special memories but also provide a fun activity with a keepsake that your guests will love. 

As a photographer, I pride myself in making sure that your photos are of good quality and lit beautifully.  Check out the images below to see the quality of the images you will receive.



Starting at $895

To the right are the services Jackalope Photography offers for a photo booth. I offer a range from a longer event to digital files only making it an affordable option for whatever you are looking for!

  • 4 Hour Rental ($225/hr after)

  • Premium Backdrop Options

  • Themed Props for Your Event

  • Capture Photos, GIFs, Boomerangs

  • All Photo Filters

  • Personalized Photo Template

  • Unlimited Prints (2x6 Strips or 4x6 Prints)



My most popular package!

  • 3 hour Rental ($200/hr after)

  • Email, Text or Airdrop Sharing

  • Capture Photos, GIFs & Boomerangs

  • Color & 2 Additional Photo Filters

  • Unlimited Prints (2x6 Strips)

Starting at $695

Digital ONLY

This option is digital photo delivery only.  There are NO PRINTS INCLUDED.

Starting at $495

  • 3 Hour Rental ($175/hr after)

  • Email, Text or Airdrop Sharing Only

  • Color & Black & White Photo Filters

Wedding photos are an investment... (even the silly ones)

aside from your memories, your wedding photos are the only thing from your big day that lasts forever


Custom Print Designs

With every package that includes prints, you will receive a custom print design to match the theme of your wedding.  After you have booked and you have created save the dates and invites, I will request that you send me one so I can match the fonts and colors.  If you created your invite in Canva, Illustrator or Photoshop, share the file with me and I will be able to copy exactly the look/feel from your file!

These prints can be 2x6 or 4x6.  If you choose to do a 4x6 print you can do one single image or a collage and we can overlay a date and names on it or you can have plain photos! 

Moon mistArtboard 14_4x_edited.png
Backdrop Options

Below are my collection of backdrops you can choose from for your event or wedding.  If you are looking for something more specific we can work together to find the perfect backdrop for your event (additional fees apply).

Scroll using the right arrow on the image.
Backdrops may differ slightly in color and scale from what you see online.

Moon mistArtboard 12_4x_edited.png
FAQ's About the Booth

These photo booths are pretty, clean and take up a small footprint.  See the photos below.

What does it look like?


I need a roughly 10x10 space for the booth setup.  I will need to be near power and have a ceiling hight of at least 8 ft.  I will also need 1 6ft table for props as well as 1 chair for the photo booth operator.

What do you need at the venue to setup?

Ideally, we do not want to be outside.  This booth is able to be outside but the photo quality will not be nearly as nice as it would be indoors with semi decent lighting.  If we are outside, we need to be under a tent on a flat surface (ideally a deck or patio/cement) so the booth does not wiggle around or tip over.

We cannot setup outside if it is raining or super windy.  I have weights for my backdrop but if we are open air or in a tent with no sides and it is very windy, I will not be able to set the backdrop up as it will be dangerous.  Obviously, if it is raining and there isn't an adequate new location for me to setup where nothing will get wet, I will not be able to setup due to the fact that it will destroy my equipment.

Can we be outside?

For quality photos, it is best that we are in a well lit area.  Maybe outside of the the reception space in a hall or closer to a bar where there will be good light.  If we need to be in the reception space that will be fine, we will be sure to bring extra lighting along to make sure you still get good quality photos.

What is the lighting needed?

I provide a smaller collection of event specific props as well as silly hats and glasses.  If you have something specific you are hoping for from me, please let me know that.  If you have your own props you want used, bring them!  I love something unique!

Do you bring props or can I use my own?

The standard backdrops are the ones I have in my basement.  The premium ones are ones I would have to order specifically for your event. 

Premium options are skies the limit.  There are hundreds of options so just let me know a theme you want or specific look and I will find the perfect one for you.  We will work together on this so you don't need to worry about me choosing one that you hate ;)

Whats the difference between standard & premium backdrops?

With the booth option that includes prints, they either include 2x6 or 4x6 prints.  The 2x6 print option can include 2 or 3 photos per print.  The 4x6 print option can be one single photo, 2, 3 or 4 photos.  You will receive a document with template options once we are closer to your event date so you can see the different layout options you have.

With these I will create a custom print design that will. match the look and feel of your event.  See the prints above from past events I have done.  I went to school for graphic design and can easily match whatever your theme is for your event.

What are the print options?

Yes!  We can work together on a backdrop for your event, I can even create custom backdrops as seen in the Maryland Toy Expo image above.  A custom backdrop would be purchased at full cost as it is something that you would keep.  A "premium" backdrop is discounted as it will stay with my collection for future events.

I can also theme the display/start screen for the booth to match the look and feel of everything as well as make sure the prints look amazing.  You will receive a small customized website that will show you what everything will look like to approve of before your event.

Can I theme it for my event?

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