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USNA Approved Vendor

Since moving to the Annapolis area, I always wanted to work at the Naval Academy shooting weddings.  My dad was in the Navy, his dad, his brother and my moms dad who was a Naval Chaplain and my cousin graduated from the Naval Academy.  It holds a special place in my heart for sure.  My cousin actually got me on base a few times to photograph the ring ceremony as well as do some graduation photos which got my foot in the door.

Being an approved vendor at the Naval academy means that I can photograph weddings, events and families on base.  The Naval Academy base is BEAUTIFUL so it is a fun alternative to the typical beach sessions around here.

Some awesome galleries on




Around the holidays if you are looking for beautiful holiday themed photos with trees and florals, the 


One of my favorite parts of being on the USNA approved vendor list is that I get to capture 


Ally & Gavin had a BEAUTIFUL wedding day at the Naval Academy and then a reception at the Histori

What we can do at USNA!




Promotion Ceremonies


Graduation Photos


Family Photos


Commissioning Week 


Other Events

Those are just a few ideas for sessions we can do on base.  If you have a specific thing you are looking for, don't hesitate to reach out and set something up!  I am VERY familiar with the grounds so I can help you create the session you are looking for!

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