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Emalyn & Richard | Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center

Emalyn & Richard were so sweet and had such a beautiful wedding. You would probably never guess looking at the photos that it was legit freezing that day. One of those days I wish I brought hand warmers for all the girls, including putting them in my shirt, gloves and shoes.

I met the two of them at the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center where I started out taking pictures of the guys and the grooms family and wandered over to a cool little building where I took pics of the girls and the brides family. We then wandered back over to the ceremony site. The sun was at a perfect spot in the sky to create some really cool glowy pictures. After the ceremony we did a few more bridal party and family shots and took a walk to a really cool beach spot near by where I got some of my all time favorite couple photos. The sun was legit perfection that day as you will see in these photos! We were all pretty cold but it was well worth it! After the pics were done we wandered back over for a fun reception and a great remainder of the evening.

Take a look through the photos and enjoy!

DJ: Sean Milstead

Venue: Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center

Dress: Etsy seller LaceBridal


Officiant: Renee Carroll (XOXO Ceremonies)

Hair/Makeup: Studio 107

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