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In Home Family Photo Tips

This time of year is great for in home family sessions! It's mostly ugly outside now, too cold and nobody looks cute with red/runny noses ;). What I love the most about in home sessions is that it makes life easy for YOU! You don't have to go anywhere at all! All you need to do is tidy whatever room or rooms up that you want pictures on, turn lights on and get dressed! Below are some things to keep in mind for your in home family session with me!

Tidy Up but Don't Deep Clean

Your home is your home. You live there, you sleep there, you play there... it does NOT have to be spotless, completely decluttered and "perfect". Literally NO ONE'S home is perfect. These sessions are meant to be a moment of your life as it is. All I suggest you do is tidy the space(s) you want to do pictures in, declutter cords/chargers and leave the rest to me! I can photoshop some stuff out of photos if needed ;)

Think About the Area(s) of your Home You Want to Feature

With this it really depends on your family... Typically I do most photos in the family room, master bedroom and kids rooms. but it really depends on your family! If you are a family the cooks together, maybe we do some photos cooking something in your kitchen, if you are gamers, maybe we do photos in your game room or family room, if you like to hang out and play outside on your patio or in your backyard (and the weather is nice) maybe we use your backyard?

We do not have to use multiple spaces, only if it makes sense for you and your vision for your photos. I have had some families want to only stay in the family room and that is totally fine! We can discuss ideas and work together on what your vibe is going to be!

Have Toys or an Activity Ready

If you have younger children it really helps to have a plan for your session or some of your kids favorite toys ready to play with. Some simple ideas would be baking cookies, jumping on the bed, pillow fights, play a game you all love or even story time snuggles either in your kids room or the master bedroom.

Let Kids Be Kids

With all of my sessions I like to let kids be kids. If you try to push them into awkward situations (me showing up with a camera and forcing them to look at me and smile for 30 minutes) it will typically result in a melt down of some sort or forced smiles if we don't play at some point during the time together. I want your kids to be running around and having fun. We will play, jump on the bed (if allowed) and do a LOT of laughing. I encourage you to all interact with each other more than stare at me which will create more genuine emotions and smiles.

Be Comfortable

You are in your home playing with your kids, pets or significant other... wear something that is you and comfortable! Solids, neutrals, pastels and earthy tones all photograph beautifully and are the most timeless. Strong patterns, logo tees and such tend to look dated after a few years so it's best to avoid that. However, if strong patterns and such are your vibe, I will roll with whatever you want!

Feel free to email me at any time with outfit ideas and I can help advise you if you need help with anything!

Keep it Light & Fun

These sessions are about a moment in your lives. I want to capture real smiles, real laughs and you all enjoying your time with each other. I want you to play, tickle fight, bake something and completely mess up your kitchen with flour and mess and run around the house chasing each other. We will do a few posed photos of everyone looking at me but I want the majority of our pics to be you all smiling and enjoying time together!

That should do it!

These sessions are meant to be the most stress free session you can have (well really all my sessions are pretty stress free but this one wins because its in YOUR home). If you have ANY questions no matter how silly it may feel to ask, reach out to me and ask me anything! I would be thrilled to help you plan your session with me!


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