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Portrait Mini Day!

On Feb 27th I had my portrait mini session day and I had a BLAST! It was fun seeing what the kids wanted to be photographed with and just a great time hanging out with some awesome people! Below is just a snippet of what I got for the day and I hope you enjoy checking those out! Keep in mind, a few shots below were promo shots for my next mini session "Mommy & Me" so its a bit of a mix of the two things ;)

I am very much looking forward to doing more mini session days down the road. Doing this re-lit my fire for these types of sessions and I have some awesome ideas in the works that I hope to see you sign up for! If you are ever interested in seeing what is coming up, please check out my "specials" page on my website. I will be posting all of my upcoming session days here. A good bit will be in studio but once the weather warms up we will be doing more outside fun stuff! Definitely keep an eye on that and join my mailing list if you are interested in hearing about whats to come :)

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