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Amanda & Zach // Mount Harmon Plantation

Amanda and Zach had a beautiful wedding day at Mount Harmon Plantation on September 30, 2017. I met them with my awesome second shooter, Natalie, at the plantation where Natalie and I separated to take getting ready photos.

I hung out with Amanda in the main building, which has a beautiful room for the girls to get ready in. After everyone was all set, we went down for the ceremony. The ceremony was in one of the coolest set ups I have seen where the bride and groom were up above everyone else and the bridal party was on the stairs leading up to it. I got some cool shots of the entire layout so check that out below.

After the ceremony we knocked out the family, bridal party and couple photographs where I actually temporarily lost my phone in a field... thank god for find my iphone on my second shooters phone!

During the reception they did something I had never seen which was a video that they did before the wedding that had a bunch of questions the videographer asked them about the other like "most annoying habit" and such. It was the sweetest/funniest thing I have seen done. You will see a few shots of the two of them laughing before the reception and those shots were from that time.

We had an amazing time at their wedding and I hope that the pictures tell their story for you so you can feel how awesome the day was.

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