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Should I Hire a Candid or Documentary Style Photographer?

Yes! Mostly because that would be ME but yes! If you are looking for real moments captured vs a ton of posed stuff, I am your girl!

Reason #1 - You Prefer Moments over Posed Photos

As your photographer, I focus on looking for moments during your day rather than constantly posing you.  I look for those sweet smiles, silly dances, quick glances at each other and genuine laughs with friends and family instead of pulling you and random groups aside out of conversations for a quick pose.

Reason #2 - You Don't Like Being the Center of Attention

I hate it too. with my style of photography I make sure that you have fun together and interact more with each other rather than staring at me the whole time. Let’s face it, getting photographed is awkward and I want you to enjoy your day rather than worry about what the next shot is.

Reason #3 - You Want Great Photos of Friends & Family

Throughout the day I focus on making sure that I capture great photos of not only you, but your loved ones enjoying the day as well. We all want those memories of grandma dancing or the kids running around laughing so I make sure you get that. I treat every wedding how I would want my own to be with great memories of everyone I love rather than just me.

Reason #4 - Stress Less & Celebrate More

With me as your photographer, I don’t require any hand holding. You don’t need to check in on me, I got you guys.  We work together on a very detailed timeline where I make sure you can relax while I am capturing everything you want for your big day.

Reason #5 - You Just Want to Have Fun

This one is simple... I want to keep everyone laughing and having fun throughout the day. This is the best day of your life and I want you to enjoy every single moment.

Now, those are just the main points... you have to also like the style, the photographer and the price ;). I can promise you a few things tho... You will have fun, you will receive photos of moments you don't even know happened and we will capture everything you are hoping for with your timeline and more! I want the photography to be the easiest part of your day and with me as your photographer it will be.

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