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Engagement Session Ideas

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Planning an engagement session is hard. You want to be different, you want to be unique and you want to have special photos to remember your big day. To help you out, here are a few fun ideas for a "different" type of session you can have with me!

1. Fancy Smoke Bomb Session

With this session you guys will get all spiffy and meet me at my studio. I will take some romantic photos of you guys together and then we will end with the smoke bombs for more dramatic photos. A lot of parks and such do not allow smoke bombs so that is why we have to do this at my studio or on property your family owns.

2. Sunset Session on the Beach

With this session we will meet at Beverly Triton Beach Park or Jonas Green Park to take some fun/romantic sunset photos. If the weather is nice and warm, it might be nice to get in the water for a few shots as well. Jonas Green Park is very busy during the summer months so I would opt for Beverly Triton in that time of year.

3. Paint Fight Session

This session is best suited for warmer weather as the paint can be kinda cold ;) BUT! It is a total blast! I will set you guys up with 3 different colors of paint (you can choose) and we will start out taking some before shots of the two of you separate and together. Then you start throwing paint at each other until its gone. After its gone, we take the typical cute couple photos of the two of you covered in paint. We can do this session at my studio or if you have property, we can do this at your home as well.

4. Dogs included

I love dogs. I love photographing dogs and I love photographing people with their best friends. We can do this type of session anywhere dogs are allowed to be. If you guys meet me at my studio we can walk to the beach and do some shots of you with the dogs in the water which can be a total blast!

5. Romantic in-Home Session

I have seen these types of sessions done a ton of different ways. You can go totally romantic, shirtless and fun, maybe you guys want to cook something together and make a big mess doing it or we can get feather pillows and have a big pillow fight! There are tons of options here and all you gotta do is tidy up your home ;)

6. Dancing in the Rain

Typically you wait for a nice sunny day for your photo shoot but in this session we will wait for a rainy day and do a romantic "dancing in the rain" type shoot. I will have 2 clear umbrellas but I strongly suggest you guys toss the umbrellas to the side and just embrace the rain. You will get drenched so be sure to bring towels ;)

7. Motorcycles or fancy cars?

Do you guys have motorcycles, a really cool car, or a suped up Wrangler you want in your photos? Bring them to my studio and we will set up a session around your awesome ride. If you bring them by closer to sunset we can do some cool backlit photos as well! We can even do this session close to the beach if you would prefer ;)

8. Do you like Target?

This one sounds weird, I know. But what we can do with this is a playful shopping trip. We can take pictures of you guys checking out the books, in the lego section - whatever suits the two of you. We will need to be there as soon as it opens as that is one of the quietest times to be there and during the week is better.

9. Get Fancy in Restoration Hardware

If you have never been inside of a Restoration Hardware you are doing yourself a disservice. This is one of my favorite stores to just go into but I can never afford to buy anything aside from a random candle. They decor is STUNNING and super fancy. I would suggest that you get dressed up for this session - get your hair/makeup done and we can do a glam session in this beautiful shop. I have to call ahead of time to kinda schedule it so timing could be determined by the store so just keep that in mind.

So thats pretty much all I got! If you guys have any fun ideas, please don't hesitate to let me know and we can try to make whatever it is work for you! I want your engagement session to be fun and memorable so let's think of something awesome!

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